Lockdown Eases: 4th July

Lockdown Eases: 4th July

  • It’s Super Saturday or Independence Day for drinkers. Pubs reopen at 6am.
  • Recently a major incident was declared by police following mobs of crowds going to beaches. Not sure why the government chose a Saturday to throw open the doors to the UK’s thirsty drinkers. Seems at best unwise.
  • But then again as my friend James O’Brien just tweeted: ‘No air bridges, no app, the third highest death toll *in the world* & no end in sight… No wonder they’ve opened the pubs’.
  • Took the bike through the West End and up to Regents Park this morning.
  • I’d say about 60% of shops were open but almost no customers except for barbers and hairdressers. Short line outside the Apple Store. Lots of shop workers chatting on the pavement.
London Zoo is open
  • Like everybody else I made sourdough. Friend and neighbour Richard dropped off the ‘starter’ and this is the result. Upside: tastes good. Downside: takes about a week to produce. Sourdough need to call in the time and motion consultants.
  • Zoom has taken over the world. All my business meetings and chats with friends are now Zoomers. They need to re-release the Aretha Franklin song ‘Who’s zooming who?’
Old Vic, New Vic is online
  • Last night we watched a play broadcast from the Old Vic. It came delivered by, you guessed it, Zoom.
  • The play Lungs by Duncan MacMillan stars Claire Foy (the Queen) and Matt Smith (Dr Who). An amazing, socially distanced two hander which I urge you to watch. It’s a torrent of dialogue; you are drenched in words. Claire Foy’s character is incredibly irritating, has no self-awareness, is deeply moving and hilarious all mixed up in the space of ninety minutes. Matt’s character has no emotional intelligence, but great hair. So strange to watch live theatre on a computer.

One thought on “Lockdown Eases: 4th July

  1. GOOD NEWS! Worldwide only 521,113 people hae died of COVID-19!There hae onl been 10,945,275 cases of COVID-19 anyway!! WTF has the World been losed down for this?! Down with Dr Tedros and WHO!!!!


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